We all know we need more affordable housing and that our neighbors continue to face rising rents, not enough housing units to meet community needs, and homelessness on the rise. This is why we’re advancing smart solutions this November at the ballot box, designed to invest in solutions, harness our resources, and build a future for the Bay Area rooted in justice, community, and possibility.

If passed, this measure would be nothing less than transformative for affordable housing in California. It would change outdated rules in our state Constitution, giving local communities tools to invest in affordable housing and the accountability to ensure it produces results. It would unlock billions so that local communities can fulfill their housing obligations, in turn helping millions of Californians to afford housing and acquire first-time homeownership, including our teachers and first responders like our firefighters, police, paramedics, and nurses.

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Regional Bay Area Measure

We can build a Bay Area where everyone has a home in a safe and vibrant community! Across the region, we’re working to pass a 9-county Bay Area bond measure to deliver a historic influx of resources ($10 to $20 billion) to make housing in the Bay Area more affordable, stable, and equitable for all of our community members in need. If successful, this regional bond will unlock billions of dollars for the construction of up to 45,000 affordable homes serving over 500,000 Bay Area residents over the coming decades. This measure will also raise billions for the preservation of existing affordable housing and ensure protection for at-risk tenants.

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2024 California Primary Results

NPH and NPH Action Fund are proud to partner with communities around Northern California in identifying and passing important ballot measures to reinvest in the people of the Bay Area by creating more affordable homes, preserving existing affordable homes, and addressing homelessness. The results for this year’s Primary can be found below.

Statewide Measures

Proposition 1

Support: PASSED with 50.2% support

California’s most vulnerable residents need treatments, not tents! California leaders have proposed Proposition 1 on the March 2024 ballot, which will refocus billions of dollars in existing funds to prioritize Californians with the deepest mental health needs, living in encampments, or suffering the worst substance use issues. 

In particular, Prop 1 will expand mental health and addiction services for tens of thousands of Californians each year; create housing settings (Permanent Supportive Housing) where over 11,000 Californians with the severest mental health needs can live, recover, stabilize and thrive; and provide $1 billion to ensure our veterans experiencing homelessness, mental health and substance abuse issues are given the care they deserve. Prop 1 has the ability to transform the state’s mental health system – modernizing to meet the needs of all Californians.

Prop 1

Local Measures

San Francisco’s Proposition A

Support: PASSED with 70.39% support

The City and County of San Francisco placed Proposition A on the March 2024 ballot, a General Obligation Bond that will unlock $300 million in funding for affordable housing in San Francisco. Proposition A will provide $240 million for affordable housing production; $30 million for affordable housing preservation; and $30 million for housing for victims and survivors. The result? 1,500 units of affordable housing for working San Franciscans like teachers, nurses, and first responders.

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Rebecca Foster speaking for Prop A