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The Future of the Bay Area Is Up to Us!

We’re coming together as advocates and neighbors –  renters and landlords, homeowners and people experiencing homelessness – to unlock a new future for the Bay Area where no one is left behind.

Because it’s time for a change and change is possible.

What We’re Solving For: Unaffordable and insecure housing isn’t working for any of the 8 million people who live in the Bay Area, causing many of our families, children, and elders to be uprooted from their schools and displaced from their communities.

Our Strength With the vast majority of us believing that everyone deserves to have a roof over their heads, we have the power to come together and be part of the solution. And the Bay Area region has the resources to build a new future — if we choose to use them.

The Movement Begins with Home Are you ready to see the Bay Area transform? Begins with Home is a movement of neighbors and advocates who believe that everyone deserves to have a roof over their head and are uniting to build a future for the Bay Area rooted in justice, community, and possibility.

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Take Action Today Are you ready to join the movement toward homes and justice for all? Here are some quick and simple things you can do right now to join us:

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Looking Ahead to 2024: Bay Area Ballot Measure

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We’re working to place on the 2024 ballot a 9-county Bay Area bond measure to make housing in the Bay Area more affordable, stable, and equitable for all our community members in need. How? If passed, the bond measure will deliver a historic influx of resources to create affordable housing at the scale our communities need!

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