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The Real Housing Story

Housing is so much more than a house or an apartment. It’s the foundation from which our friends, families, and neighbors can feel safe, take care of themselves, plan for the future, and thrive in all areas of life.

It has been well established that health and well-being are connected to having a place to call home. For society at large, we’ve seen repeatedly how housing has a positive impact on racial justice, transportation, the environment, public health, the economy, and diversity and equity in our communities.

Our children are healthier and more fit to learn in school when they have a safe and stable home with their families. Our seniors deserve the dignity and respect of living in an affordable and decent home, a space where they can entertain their families, honor the traditions of their culture, and rest. Our families and individuals need a stable homebase to build their futures from the ground up, to work, play, study, look after loved ones, and prepare for all the important life events that we cherish, such as weddings, births, and other coming-of-age celebrations.

Where You Come In

The real housing story is about you, and the neighbors and communities that you love. 

Are you ready to become a Housing Activist? If you believe in safe, stable, and affordable housing for everyone, no matter their race or income, then the answer is yes!

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