NPH 2020 Electoral Endorsements

Election season is here! Below you will find NPH’s official 2020 electoral endorsements, which include statewide and Bay Area regional measures designed to address the housing needs of our communities as well as increase opportunities to thrive.

NPH only takes positions on measures related to our issue areas, which include housing and racial justice. This election season, we have the opportunity to move forward several important initiatives that would have a measurable impact on our communities, so we hope you’ll join us at the ballot box and vote! 


Vote YES on Prop 15: Schools and Communities First

VOTE YES on Proposition 15, which will provide between $6.4 billion to $11.5 billion in additional funding to local schools and governments.

Why Voting Yes on Prop 15 Matters: Wealthy corporations continue to avoid paying their fair share as local governments struggle to provide meaningful support to their communities. California schools have the most crowded classrooms in the country, our communities struggle to adequately respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and housing opportunities in the state remain scarce. Prop 15 creates revenues to address these concerns by closing tax loopholes which have primarily benefited California’s most expensive nonresidential commercial properties. Prop 15 would raise billions of dollars for local governments and schools, in turn incentivizing development of underutilized and underdeveloped property, some of which could be for multifamily housing.

Prop 15 will:

  • Close property tax loopholes benefiting wealthy corporations
  • Cut small business taxes
  • Fight homelessness
  • Reclaim billions every year to invest in our schools and local communities
  • Exempt homeowners, renters, small businesses and agricultural land so they continue to be protected by Prop 13
  • Prioritizes transparency and accountability by requiring public disclosure of all new revenues and how they are spent.

Help Pass Prop 15!

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Vote YES on Prop 16: Repeal of Ban Affirmative Action (Prop 209)

VOTE YES on Proposition 16, which will reinstate affirmative action in the state by repealing 1996’s Prop 209 .

Why Voting Yes on Prop 16 Matters: We believe in giving everyone, regardless of race or gender, an equal shot at fair wages, good jobs, and quality schools. But we’re not there yet. Women and people of color still face discrimination in hiring, employment, contracting, and education. Women in California are paid less than 80 cents for every dollar a white man makes – and women of color even less. By ending California’s ban on affirmative action, Prop 16 levels the playing field so we can all succeed.

Prop 16 will:

  • Fight discrimination
  • Offer a path for equal opportunities for all
  • Give women and people of color a fair shot to succeed
  • Begin the process for dismantling structural racism and sexism
  • Chart a path forward to a stronger economic future for women and communities of color, and to a California where Black lives matter and our systems are just

Help Pass Prop 16

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Bay Area

Vote YES on Alameda Measure W: Alameda County Home Together

VOTE YES on Measure W, which will provide a half cent general sales tax that will raise ~$150 million a year for 10 years.

Why Voting Yes on Measure W Matters: Very low-income individuals and families already at risk of becoming homeless are most vulnerable during our COVID-19 public health crisis. Housing prices remain out of control, and Alameda County’s seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and others living on a fixed income can’t afford rents. Measure W will help keep people who are at risk of homelessness in their homes and shelter people who are without a home, with the goal of altogether preventing local residents from becoming homeless in the first place.

Measure W will:

  • Provide housing assistance, mental health resources, and substance use treatment for our most vulnerable residents
  • Help people who are at risk of homelessness stay in their homes
  • Increase hygiene and sanitation services
  • Support homeless veterans, seniors and families with services
  • Increase employment opportunities through job training
  • Shelter people experiencing homelessness to reduce COVID-19 impacts

Help Pass Measure W!

Yes on W graphic

Vote YES on Sonoma County Measure O

VOTE YES on Measure O, which will provide Sonoma County residents with essential mental health and homelessness services.

Why Voting Yes on Measure O Matters: The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is to ensure everyone in our community can access mental health resources, especially when nearly half of adults in the United States will experience mental illness during their lifetime. Measure O provides locally controlled funding to keep our community, particularly children, veterans, seniors, those experiencing homelessness and those with mental health or substance use challenges, safe and healthy in the wake of the pandemic and beyond. Voting YES on O provides dedicated funding to ease the burden on emergency services and our healthcare systems, and keep those in need of mental health services out of the jail.

Measure O will provide:

  • Services for children, veterans and seniors
  • Emergency psychiatric care
  • Mental health and addiction facilities
  • Permanent supportive housing & housing services for those experiencing homelessness
  • Behavioral and mental health crisis assessment
  • Expanded Substance Use Disorder services
  • Suicide prevention

Help Pass Measure O!

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Vote NO on City of San Mateo Measure Y

VOTE NO on Measure Y, which would limit how many homes can be built on a piece of land to the detriment of special needs or supportive affordable housing. Measure Y is an example of exclusionary zoning which serves as yet another obstacle to building urgently needed affordable housing. Not only would Measure Y prevent San Mateo from building more supportive homes for the city’s most vulnerable, its restrictions would add traffic, climate pollution, and pressure for sprawl that are among the biggest threats to a healthy Bay Area.

Why Voting No on Measure Y Matters: Measure Y has taken many forms in San Mateo for almost 30 years, and now this exclusionary policy is on the ballot again. Measure Y has silently and insidiously prevented affordable housing from being built by forcing many housing developers to build fewer, but much larger units marketed as luxury apartments. This trend would be problematic anywhere, but in Silicon Valley it is catastrophic.

Measure Y:

  • Imposes a height and density rule of 55 feet tall and 50 dwelling units per acre on every parcel in San Mateo, even the transit-oriented districts adjacent to the three Caltrain stations. For special needs housing to be financially possible, it must almost always be over 100 units per acre, even if it is only two stories.
  • Includes a regressive  “inclusionary policy.” This policy specifies that, for every new market-rate housing built only 10% of the units must be considered “affordable,” or 80% of AMI (area median income), which is $139,200 for a family of four. Today, we now know that this is out-of-date, and that more affordable housing requirements and options are possible.

Learn more about Measure Y

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Vote YES on East Palo Alto Measure V

VOTE YES on Measure V, which would help fund affordable housing acquisition, redevelopment, and rehabilitation by raising new revenue with a modest increase on the hotel stay tax, putting the city on par with neighboring cities in terms of the tax.

Why Voting Yes on Measure V Matters: East Palo Alto’s Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) has not been raised in 20 years. In San Francisco and Oakland, that tax is 14%. Right now, in East Palo Alto, it’s 12%. If Measure V passes, East Palo Alto’s tax would rise to 14% by 2023. It’s time to catch up with neighboring cities and use this funding to preserve homes. Current and future development projects proposed would increase demand for hotels and short term rentals, and passing something now before any of these projects are approved would ensure greater funds for community benefits. Also, the funding sets East Palo Alto up to be a competitive applicant for additional county, state and federal funding sources which require a local match.

Measure V will:

  • Create more affordable rental and homeownership opportunities
  • Yield an estimated $390,000 yearly which will be specifically set aside for affordable housing opportunities (acquisition, development, and rehabilitation)
  • Provide funds for tenants to buy, with City and non-profit assistance, a house or apartment building about to be sold out from under them
  • Keep residents in the community
  • Preserve homes

Help Pass Measure V!

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