Help residents impact the policies & funding that affect them directly!

Join our Resident Services cohort! Together, you design and support resident engagement strategies, including integrated voter engagement and leadership development. Learn tools to lift up residents’ voices and help improve their quality of life.

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The CAVE Certification program offered by NPH is a professional development opportunity catered to resident services staff to engage in a broader conversation about affordable housing advocacy & policy work. NPH sees a valuable opportunity in providing comprehensive voter engagement and advocacy training support to resident services staff as they are the leaders of the affordable housing justice movement.

At NPH, we believe engaging resident service staff to create cohorts of advocates will lead to policy outcomes that serve the affordable housing movement for all. To facilitate this conversation we have created the CAVE certification program which will provide a professional development opportunity for resident service staff.

We are excited to announce we will be revamping the Community Advocacy & Voter engagement program in 2021 to continue our Resident Services education community. We are asking Resident Services staff who participated in the 2020 CAVE series to refer folks to sign up and join the 2021 cohorts. In exchange, we would like to offer you a free NPH Brown Bag training of your choice. Please fill out this form to refer someone to CAVE 2021. 

Image of two residents with vote signs.

Take a look at the video of our first session from 2020 to see some of what we went over to start our CAVE certification series!

  • How Resident Services win funds for affordable homes: NPH Plan
  • Worksheet for resident engagement, including voter registration: My Plan for Resident Engagement
  • Voter registration training support services: List of County Clerk contacts
  • Your responsibilities in voter registration: Secretary of State’s Guide
  • Legal requirements for anyone issuing registration cards: voter registration rules
  • LifeSTEPS’ Instructor Guide on effective newsletters, training, and ice Breakers for voter registration and education: LifeSTEPS Guide
  • LifeSTEPS’ sample newsletter on engaging residents. View the LifeSTEPS Sample Newsletter
  • Below, learn from former NPH Political Director, Sharon Cornu, on Voter Registration as a Community Building Campaign